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Shakespeare comedies are often presented as dry museum pieces. I cannot ever recall laughing so much as at Vermont Suitcase Company's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". The presentation was so fresh you would've believed it was penned yesterday. You'll forget the dozen other performances that you may have seen, as this is a new standard.

''Pure enjoyment.''

I don't usually enjoy Shakespeare because I spend all my time figuring out what is going on. This was the first Shakespeare I've ever seen that I just purely enjoyed and could understand what was going on at the same time. Pure enjoyment.


I saw it at Parker Pie last weekend, it was brilliant work all around.

- Olive Ylin

''I laughed out loud!''

I just saw your performance here in Brattleboro tonight! It was far and away the most entertaining Shakespeare I have seen in years! I laughed out loud! And as I walked out, everyone -- every single person I overheard talking -- was saying things like "amazing," "fantastic," "I loved, loved, loved it!" Thank you so much!

''Wonderful, zany acting!''

This performance is fantastic!!!! The sides of my jaw ached from smiling and laughing. Wonderful, zany acting!

- Alicia Moyer

''My kids loved it!''

Loved it! My kids loved it! I was laughing so hard that I could hardly breathe. Bravo!


We had so much fun watching this production at Lost Nation Theatre in Montpelier, VT. Go see this if you can! Such a talented bunch of actors! I saw it in Montpelier tonight--superb! Enjoyed all the wonderful acting! What a treat for the $. Go before it's gone!

My first Shakespeare play ever, what fun!! Thank you for making my sides ache from laughing so hard!!